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Who Are We?

Our management professionals at Raedan Freight Services, have deep experience with both providers of transportation and logistics services and purchasers of them—across all modes and in all industry subsectors.

The ability to call on experience with both the carrier and the shipper realms gives companies a unique advantage in the shaping and propelling of their performance by:

Reducing freight cost

Reducing freight costs through tailored strategic sourcing—be it ocean, road, rail, or air—that draws on our industry insights

Footprint optimization

Introducing distribution footprint optimization that minimizes transportation and inventory costs while maintaining customer service quality.

Determining opportunities

Determining opportunities to reduce costs in logistics networks by understanding and drawing on carriers’ costs to serve and through awareness of the relevant competitive environment

Maximizing revenue potential

Maximizing revenue potential for transportation providers by drawing on market insights gleaned from wide-ranging experience in serving buyers of transportation services

Applying advanced analytics

Comprehensively addressing all functions for transportation providers, applying advanced analytics, benchmarking, and gauging against key performance metrics to best position the company for achievement of its strategic goals.

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A Message from the CEO

Christine Kupraty“Raedan Freight Services exists for the sole purpose of supporting our customers to build and sustain supply chain performance.
We are committed to continuous improvement and fully recognize Raedan’s value is measured by real results for our customers. As an operator and thought leader, we relentlessly try to optimize those processes that add value and eliminate those that are waste.”

– Christine Kupraty,  President/CEO of Raedan Freight Services Inc.


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Our competitive advantage

Founded in 1996, Raedan Freight Services is a trusted supply chain partner that delivers operational improvement and measurable financial results. Unlike other third party logistics providers, Raedan offers a unique combination of training and education, hands-on consulting, and outsourced logistics services. This integrated portfolio of services help organizations eliminate waste, drive down costs, and instill a problem-solving culture across their supply chain.

Customers leverage this transformation to gain improved inventory visibility, logistics control, and process improvement while reducing lead time and operating costs.

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"In the spring of 2013 Ampacet Canada engaged the services of Raedan Freight Services Inc. under the CPIA’s logistics solutions and services program. The process worked quite well and they were able to identify potential cost savings as a result. Of the carriers under review, our year to date savings realized was 7.5%."

− Nick Dunne, Ampacet

"Raedan Freight Services Inc. has been a major factor in our progress and we look forward to continued success through their programs. We would highly recommend Raedan to any company that is looking to streamline their systems in an economical and efficient manner."

− Robyn Morris, CA